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Examready is a BANKSETA Accredited, financial markets consulting entity that provides both consulting and training solutions to the global financial services sector.

Examready specializes in the areas of Trading, Compliance, Risk, in-house & graduate programmes and Client Relationship Management (CRM), throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Examready’s Head office is located in Johannesburg with a satellite office in the London. Over the past few years, Examready has successfully grown its consulting and training arms in Africa, the Middle East & Asia and its product brand is now well established in these markets.

Examready is deemed a market leader in the industry. This has been achieved through its unique programme design, ability to interlink hard & soft skills and its state of the art trading simulation models, which combined, result in an exclusive product delivery to the client’s delight.

This International Learning & Development Model has propelled Examready to the forefront of consulting & training within the Global Financial Market sphere!

For more information please contact our offices on +27 11 615-2203 or email info@examready.com. Please visit our courses, for course information and our timetable, for lecture dates.

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